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108 Bead Hand Knotted Gemstone Mala Necklaces

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How to choose & use a Mala

A simple guide to meditation with Mala beads

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When our soul is nurtured we are fully awake, only then can we be our true, authentic self. 

Handcrafted Mala jewellery and thoughtfully curated products for the modern soul seeker.

Mala Bracelets

Slow, simple, intentional.

Mala Necklaces

Find balance and harmony in every day.

Hey You, Soul Seeker...

Are you looking for a deeper connection with yourself, with nature, with love? Our products and our practices are designed to help you break away from modern, hectic life, even just for a few minutes. To find calm moments, in a busy world and embrace self love by tuning in to your inner wisdom. Only when we do this regularly can we hear our authentic voice, be true to it and allow our wild soulful nature to really shine.

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Tree Agate

Brings good fortune and the peaceful sense of nature.

Rose Quartz

Give yourself the compassion you deserve.

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Designed To Nurture The Soul.

Malas are a beautiful wearable reminder to live from the heart, with mindful grace in everything we do. As we go about our busy days the Mala acts as an anchor to remind us to slow down, check in with ourselves, find peace in our mind and gratitude in our heart. By using these Malas as a way to tune in with ourselves we can turn simple daily habits into mindful self love rituals, making the soul feel energised, enlivened, awake and cared for. Only when our own souls are nurtured can we give others the overflowing love and compassion they deserve.

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