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Music for the Soul - Baía Playlist May 2020

Music definitely soothes the soul. It has a powerful way of evoking memories, conjuring emotions er sometimes don't even know are there. Making us dance, cry, smile, and share moments with others. It's true music is soul food for sure.

Listen to the playlist here

Every month we will be sharing our favourite soulful tunes. Melodies that have inspired us for the present season, which we think will also inspire you to be you.

This month we've included soothing tunes from Arctic Lake, Yebba and Leon Bridges, along with thought provoking rhythms from Billie Eilish, Nnic and Maribou State. 

Billie Eilish We've been letting our wild soul break free this month by dancing to Billie Eilish "Everything I wanted".

Don't let the current covid-19 situation stop you from feeling inspired, now more than ever we need to search deep inside ourselves and find a new way. Life is continuing and nature never stop. However we emerge from this situation, I'm convinced there will be more beautiful music, an abundance of incredible creativity and inspiring stories, because we have had time to pause, reflect and reach forward. Listen and let these melodies help you do just that.


Peace, love and light - enjoy the tunes beautiful souls. X

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