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Moon Rituals: How to work with the New and Full Moon by Kerry Morgan

Let the moon shine light on your wellspring of wisdom


"The moon is earth’s oldest temple holding potency
of countless prayers since the dawn of time… A
bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the
Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink." - Dana Gerhardt


Like so many others I’ve always been mesmerised by the moon, feeling a deep sense of resonance with her changing states, mystical presence and feminine wisdom. As a little girl I would often gaze in complete awe at her brilliant sovereign light. Feeling illuminated from the inside out as she guided me to witness my own inner truth, strength and wisdom.

"There is something undeniably magic about the moon"

This blog is about my own personal experience and everyone’s experience or journey will be different and I just want to assure you that there is no right or wrong way of making a connection with the moon, it’s just a personal discovery. I believe there is something undeniably magic about the moon that allows us to tap into a wisdom that exists within each of us and we are all free to look up and gaze at the moon anytime. However, there is a big difference between intellectually understanding something and feeling it as embodied truth in every cell of your body. All you need is to find that unshakable trust and stillness within to allow her subtle messages to stir within you. 


Moon Rituals

In recent years I have worked more intentionally with the moon and have developed my own rituals, which I carry out every full moon and new moon.  This has allowed me to work more intuitively with the natural ebb and flow of the moon's energy. By spending time connecting with the moon, you too will begin to develop sensitivity to her subtle energy shifts, allowing you to become more in tune with your own physical and emotional states of being.

The moon understands what it means to be human, she is always there, watching steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments and accepting us as whole. She teaches us that we too are always in a constant state of change and that there is a right time for everything. A right time to let go, to reflect and honour our body’s need to rest and restore and a right time to rise up, set intentions and take action.


New Moon Ritual

The New Moon phase is the perfect time to build up your courage to create something new & set intentions for the month ahead. The New Moon reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals for each month. The secret is the intention has to come from the heart and feel it in your body as though it’s something you have already achieved or obtained. I also take a moment to reflect upon the past month and all that I’m grateful for. Listing them down, whether it’s an experience, person or thing. 

I then write down my intentions for the coming 4 weeks (you need to be specific & don’t write too many otherwise you will become overwhelmed), feeling into each one as I write them down. I then meditate for a further 10-15 minutes before burning the paper to let go of any attachment to my intentions and releasing them into the Universe.


Full Moon Rituals

The Full moon is generally considered the end and highest point of the lunar cycle. It tends to be a time when our energy is highest (emotions can be high too). It’s also a very powerful time for inner work, self-enquiry, letting go, shifting blocks and spiritual healing. Basically we are being called to deal with our stuff, everything is illuminated under the light of the moon when it comes into full bloom.

During the full moon I explore what it is that I need to release. I write down on a piece of paper what is holding me back, whether it’s thought patterns, physical blocks, fears or frustrations. I also explore what I need to forgive within myself and of others. It is important that you do this without going into any judgment or blaming!

I then sit quietly take some deep cleansing breaths to release, creating a willingness to let go of what is no longer serving me. I visualise everyone that I need to forgive and what it is I need forgive in myself, then I send out love.  Before I finish I write down 3 good things that I am grateful for, as gratitude is the ideal quality because it positively increases our vibrations. Similarly to the New Moon ceremony I burn my piece of paper to let go of any attachments, surrendering them into the universe.

To finish BOTH ceremonies I bring my hands to heart centre into prayer and repeat the following mantra:

‘Om Namo Narayanya’

‘For the greater good or not at all’

 [Moonstone and Labradorite are wonderful stones to work with during Moon Rituals]

This is only a brief insight in to some of the work I do around the moon.  My wish is to inspire you to get in tune with the moon and seek that wellspring of wisdom that already exists within you. Should you feel the call to connect then please do not hesitate to contact me. I run regular online classes, workshops, master classes and retreats.


Kerry x

Kerry Morgan - Yoga with Kerry 

This blog is has been written for Baía Rituals by the wonderful and inspiring Kerry Morgan from 'Yoga With Kerry'. Kerry is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, a Body Work and Energy Healer and a Mother to two girls. Based in West Wales and living by the motto to 'Follow your heart, light up the world'.


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