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RITUAL 01 - Wild Spirit Water Ritual: Embrace the essential element for life.

Water, the core element to life. It takes on so many forms and moves us in so many ways. How incredible that this one element has the ability to calm us, exhilarate us, refresh us and make us feel alive?

Remind yourself of the last time you felt thirst on a hot day, then hastily drank a glass of cool water, feeling it trickle down your throat, rejuvenating your body and refreshing your mind. Or when you have been caught up in the wild waves of the ocean, feeling the power of the white foam lift your body up and down and how the exhilaration of this movement stimulated all your senses into feeling truly alive. Or maybe when you've drifted off to the sound of the rain on your window, comforting and calming, a soothing monotony of the pitter patter on the window.

Water surrounds us each and every day in different ways, but sometimes we forget of its importance to our life. This water ritual is designed to take a little time to give thanks to this precious element and pausing to really feel and understand its immense power. Grounding us and helping us realise our close connection to nature and the delicate balance of life. It is designed with the intention to ignite your wild spirit through the element of water.

You can do this ritual at whatever time for the day you choose however I think it is best done in the morning.

View the Wild Spirit Water Ritual by clicking the image below.

Wild Spirit Water Ritual - Baía Soulful Living


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