About Baía


Baía offers a thoughtfully curated collection of products for the modern soul seeker. We endeavour to nurture the modern mind, body and soul by transforming daily habits into mindful rituals that evoke harmony and happiness.


Baía {Portuguese} noun feminine /ba’ia/

Baía means 'bay' in Portuguese. A bay is a safe, protected place where the energy of the water flows but all is calm and safe, the water is alive and awake, a glistening blue azure, yet composed and able to breathe. This analogy reflects our ethos as a brand. Everything we create is designed to nurture the soul, by creating safe, sacred and slow spaces in our days to feed our soul and enable our authentic self to shine. 


Hey you, Soul Seeker...

Are you a soul seeker, in this modern world, looking for more? A deeper connection with nature, with yourself, with love? Our products and our rituals are designed to help you break away from modern, hectic life, even just for a few minutes. To find calm moments, in a busy world and embrace self love by tuning in to your inner wisdom. Only when we do this regularly can we hear our authentic voice, be true to it and allow our wild soulful nature to really shine.

The items we create are more than products, they are designed to be belongings you treasure, our handmade Malas are all crafted using carefully selected gemstones, chosen for their powerful healing capabilities and strong energies. Each item we is designed to bring joy to your soul and give you the opportunity each day to breathe.


Our Vision

To live intentionally, placing mindfulness and self love rituals at the heart of everything we do.


What we do

We specialise in hand crafted Mala jewellery and thoughtfully curated products for the modern soul seeker. Established in 2019, our products are designed to encourage self love ritual and intentional living. 


Our Mission

To promote and enable the transformation of daily habits into mindful, self love rituals by providing belongings to treasure and use. To evoke harmony and happiness through nurturing the modern mind, body and soul. 


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