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About Me

Thank you for being here, for trusting your instinct and exploring ways that can help you have the birth experience you so deserve.

“When I first heard about Hypnobirthing I didn’t quite believe what people were saying. I had heard stories of women who birthed their babies feeling like empowered Goddesses following the rhythm of their body, feeling calm, confident and truly feeling like they were born to do this. Not only did the practice promise a more comfortable and positive pregnancy but also a calm and enjoyable birth. I was intrigued so I learnt more, practiced and wow, it delivered!”

Hi, I'm Charlotte

Mother to Indio and Calia, (and Winston the spaniel and Jasper the cat!), wife to Phil and founder of Baía Rituals – my little haven of soulful living. I practiced Hypnobirthing throughout both my pregnancies and I can quite honestly say that Hypnobirthing not only gave me the most wonderful birth experiences, but it also changed my whole outlook and transformed my life. The impact it had on me is one I am eternally grateful for, it opened my eyes to the power of the mind, the importance of self-care and belief in our own abilities, and it introduced me to other practices like meditation, yoga and breathwork, that all work in harmony to balance our mind, body and soul.

I am fully trained with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) who really is the gold standard in Hypnobirthing. I’d be honoured to teach you this wonderful method, so join me and become more in tune with your incredible inner strength and wisdom, that will enable you to experience, and be empowered by, the process of birth.

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