Behind The Brand

Founded by Charlotte Saunders in 2019, Baía was conceived when Charlotte felt not only physically exhausted but soulfully drained and wasn't being true to herself and therefore wasn't able to give all she wanted to her children. She had already been making beaded intention jewellery (brand Plain Toast was Charlotte's first venture), but then discovered malas and the meaning and purpose behind them changed everything for her! These were not only beautiful but they had a purpose. Charlotte wore her first mala as a reminder to herself to stop during moments in the day, pause, observe her thoughts, feelings and emotions and just be for a few moments. She started using them during her already existing meditation practice and found it helped to embed her mantra and keep her present. Baía grew from there. Charlotte learnt how to knot malas and started designing her own. Then the universe did the rest.

As if it was all just meant to be, Charlotte discovered an amazing group of women in Rishikesh, India (the birthplace of yoga) that had been making malas for years, and decided these were the right women to make the malas for Baía. 

Baía has now grown into a soulful living store that provides a range of products that are all designed to be treasured, to inspire you to live more soulfully, incorporating little rituals into your day to soothe away any tensions. Charlotte also teaches Hypnobirthing to expectant parents, a soulful, practical and absolutely effective practice that empowers women to have the birth they so deserve.

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