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Birth Stories & Testimonials

“Wow! Where do I start? Prior to speaking with Charlotte about hypnobirthing, I have to admit I thought it might be a bit ‘hippy’ - willing to give something new a try, right from our first engagement we were hooked. We learnt so much about birth and the power of the mind. It was also a really special experience to share with my husband. ‘Pain’ didn’t really come into it and I managed to be 8cm when we got to the MLU, our daughter was born 1hr45 minutes later. As she was 10 days overdue, I had been pressured by consultants to have an induction 3 days earlier but remembering everything we had learnt about choices made me have an inner strength to push back and I’m so pleased I did. Charlotte is an excellent teacher and proactively checked in with us sharing anything useful that was bespoke to our needs. Charlotte, we can’t thank you enough!”

— Kate, Luke and Baby Sadie, Baía Hypnobirthing Client

“Incredible teacher. Explains all there is to know about Hypnobirthing and the whole process around the pregnancy and birth experience. It completely changed my opinion on the power of the mind, natural births and how involved men can and should be in the entire process. Thank you!”

— Father, Baía Hypnobirthing Client

“My birth was the best birth that I could have had and the run up to it was relaxed and confident (unlike many of my friends’), thanks to [hypnobirthing]! My partner was relaxed, confident and assertive, he knew what to expect and supported me all the way through. I am very proud of myself, my partner and my little girl.”

— Grace, Hypnobirthing Mum

“Born in the pool at home yesterday afternoon. The most powerful, surreal, totally extraordinary moment. Beyond grateful to my husband for being a hero, the best support I could have ever imagined, our midwife and doula for making us feel so safe and supported and @kghypnobirthing for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance, which empowered us more than I can explain”

— Ella, Matt And Skye Mills (@deliciouslyella)

Hypnobirthing FAQs

How Do I Know If Hypnobirthing Is Right for Me?

I believe Hypnobirthing is right for everyone. However and wherever you choose to give birth, be it an elective c-section, a water birth at home or in a midwife-led unit, hypnobirthing will help you to tune into what your body is doing and quieten your mind so you can welcome your baby into the world in a calm, confident and comfortable way.

Will I have to be hypnotised?

Not at all, hypnobirthing is very different to stage hypnosis and the likes of Derren Brown. You will learn how to relax your body and your mind so that you are able to tune out the distractions around you and focus purely on allowing your body to do what it knows how to do.

When should I do the KGH Course?

You can take the course at anytime during your pregnancy, however many couples like to take the course after 28 weeks as the practicing and all you learn will be freshly embedded in your mind at this stage.

How can I convince my sceptical partner to come too?

Most partners arrive very sceptical (or have simply been dragged along), but when they leave, even after the first session, they are very enthusiastic. KGH is an evidence based practice, so is logical and just makes sense. So when your partner understands fully what it’s all about they will be more than willing to come along. I’m more than happy to have a chat with you and your partner to answer any questions.

The birth partner role is extremely important in KG Hypnobirthing, more so than many other antenatal classes. And during the course they will quickly realise their full potential and understand how important they are and the role that they will play in the birth of their baby.

Will hypnobirthing work for me if I come on my own?

Yes of course. Many women attend the hypnobirthing course for a variety of reasons. If their husband works away, they are a single parent or it’s their second child and they simply can’t find a babysitter. Hypnobirthing works and it is your belief in yourself, your ability to birth and your desire to learn and practice that will make all the difference. You are more than welcome to bring your mother, a friend or someone who will be acting as your birth partner to the course.

Can I bring someone else to the course?

Yes. A close friend or family member who will be in the birth room with you can come along to the course as well as your partner at no extra cost. It’s important that they fully understand what you are practicing and understand how best to support you.

Can I arrange a private group session?

Yes of course. If you have a other couples who would like to learn hypnobirthing with you then I can absolutely arrange a private group session for you all. Contact me to arrange this.

“I really want to learn hypnobirthing but I can’t really afford this”

I believe that everyone deserves to have a positive birth experience and have access to the techniques they need in order to achieve this. If you cannot afford the full amount, we can arrange payment plans to spread the cost. This is an investment that you will not regret, it will not only give you an incredibly positive birth but it will change the way you view other areas of your life too.

Will I receive any course materials?

Yes. You will receive access to the MP3 tracks that you can start listening to as soon as you book the course. At your first session you will receive a Parents Pack which includes all the information and handouts you will need for the course. IN addition to this you will receive the KG Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves and a Baía Wellness Box full of goodies just for you.

Are you available outside the course times?

A big, big YES! I will be available via phone, text or email whenever you need me from your booking. I really am here to support you through your pregnancy and leading up to your birth. Once your baby has arrived, I would love to meet him/her and see you to discuss your birth and to have a catch up and see how you are all getting on. Plus…I would love a newborn cuddle!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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