Meet Our Artisans

To make Baía the brand it is, we are lucky enough to work with the most incredible artisans from around the world.

One of our core values is to encourage and support others in what they do, enabling people to build on and honour their creative, soulful work. This is why we spend time searching for and building relationships with amazing independent artisans that have values that align with our own.

All our artisans are experts in what they do and hand craft their items with love. We ensure all our artisans get a fair price and are paid the correct value for what they do. We strive for excellence in quality, materials and workmanship. Everything is designed in the UK by Charlotte and the Baía team, we then work closely with our artisans around the world to bring our designs to life.

Meet Our Mala Makers

We work with a group of wonderful women in Rishikesh, Northern India. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is known as the 'Yoga capital of the world' and is a pilgrimage town regarded as one of the holiest places to Hindus. Hindu sages and saints have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate in search of higher knowledge.

The women we work with are expert Mala makers. Making Malas is a skill and tradition that is passed down through generations in this part of the world, and using them for meditation and as part of their Spiritual practice is a very natural and important part of each day.

We are honoured to work with these women and grateful for the love, energy and prayer they put into each of our Malas.

All our Malas are blessed before they leave India and tied with red thread as this is seen as a sign of prosperity and strength in the Hindu faith.


Meet Our Other Artisans

We are currently working with a number of amazing artisans in the UK and further afield to bring a wider range of products that encourage soulful living to Baía. We only wish to offer products that truly spark joy in one's soul, that bring comfort, love, peace and tranquility. Therefore we look for handcrafted pieces, lovingly made by artisans that truly care for what they create. Below are a few artists we are cuerently working with and hope to bring these exclusive products to Baía later this year.



We love the pottery Amy Thomas creates from her home studio in Yorkshire. Her unique, handcrafted approach all made with intention perfectly matches Baía's ethos. We are working with Amy to design some special pieces exclusively for Baía. You can follow Amy on instagram @amythomasceramics



The Little Dreamcatcher Co is the creation of Lydia, who was raised on Vancouver Island in Canada and grew up making dreamcatchers from a young age. Her designs are modern, yet maintain the beautiful meanings behind dreamcatchers. We are working with Lydia to create a range of dreamcatchers exclusive to Baía.


The scents that diffuse from these candles are utterly divine. West Coast Botanicals is a Pembrokeshire based company founded by Sammy who hand pours these soy wax candles. Blended with fine essential oils the fragrances are beautiful. We are developing a range of candles with Sammy perfect for Baía. 

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