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What Is Hypnobirthing?

Simple, Logical, Profound.

Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and profound and is far more than just breathing techniques, visualisations and relaxations for birth!

Trust in your perfect body’s ability to birth naturally

Put simply, Hypnobirthing is a system of letting go; letting go of fear, preconceptions and any negativity or worry that surrounds birth, and replacing it with confidence and trust in your perfect body’s ability to birth naturally. It’s true that where the mind goes the body follows, so by learning and practising the wonderful KGH method your body will just relax and do what it knows how to do.

About the Course

Hypnobirthing is for Everyone

I am here to promote positive birth experiences, which means I support the full spectrum of how you choose to bring your baby into the world. Be it an elective C-Section, induction or a drug-free water birth at home. However and wherever you choose to birth your baby hypnobirthing will work for you to give the most wonderful and empowering and calm experience. It's how we frame the experience to make it a positive that matters!

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Hypnobirthing is lots of little things pieced together to create a powerful tool that will support you and your birth partner to explore, empower and discover how calm, confident and positive your baby’s birth can be.

Benefits Of Hypnobirthing

For Mother, Partner & Baby

“Giving birth was the most wonderful and empowering experience of my life.”

- Hypnobirthing Mum

Hypnobirthing provides an abundance of benefits to mother, partner and baby. At the core of hypnobirthing is the work we do on letting go of any fear and anxiety that you may have around birth, once this has been released, all the other wonderful benefits are able to flourish.

Benefits For Mother

  • You are likely to have a calm, comfortable and often pain free labour and birth
  • You will feel confident and excited about your birth
  • You will feel prepared and calm about whatever may unfold during labour
  • You are much less likely to want drugs and/or need medicalised interventions
  • You will likely bounce back and heal so much quicker after birth
  • You’ll have a positive birth experience

Benefits For Father

  • They will feel relaxed and knowledgeable about what happens during birth
  • They will feel at ease in how best to support you
  • Increases the bond between Mother, partner and baby
  • Experience a truly shared, loving and magical birth
  • You’ll have a positive birth experience

Benefits For Baby

  • Baby will experience a calm transition from the womb into the world
  • Baby will be born into a serene environment
  • Much less stress on the baby during labour
  • Hypnobirthing babies often latch on quickly and feed better

“Born in the pool at home yesterday afternoon. The most powerful, surreal, totally extraordinary moment. Beyond grateful to my husband for being a hero, the best support I could have ever imagined, our midwife and doula for making us feel so safe and supported and @kghypnobirthing for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance, which empowered us more than I can explain”

– Ella, Matt and Skye Mills (@deliciouslyella)


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